Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Being oblique....

The life and times of an erotic fiction writer are never as exciting as one would think...... or perhaps they are.


Okay Okay I said I would write this..... and write it I will!! I could be like Bart Simpson and write my lines on the board every day.
I will write my Blog almost every day.
I will write my Blog almost every day.
I will write my Blog almost every day.
etc. etc. etc.
The other day I was asked by NZX Magazine to send my book to them for possible interview and article. To those in the know NZX magazine is not the magazine for the New Zealand Stock exchange but something else entirely. In fact both parties had a bit of a show-down over the NZX title a while back - can't remember all the details but the end result is that is alive and well.
Obviously its not just my book they are interested in....................... - rather the fact that there is a much bigger story around this book - it's sequel and the three more after that plus the whole Louize X thing - I mean you could just name yourself Louize X because you didn't want anyone to know who you were - but my real name is Louize Cross. How many people could attest to that? And furthermore there is the website name  (registered by moi) that just happens to spell 'sex' - Destiny I say!!!

So my 2nd book in this series is titled "First Come First Served", followed quickly by "Plenty More Fish In The Sea" are all named 'tongue in cheek' after some of the Proverbs, linking the series together and making the whole proposition much more interesting.

Hey this Blogging thing is getting way easier - especially after a couple of vino's - I will try that again.....
Over and out..... or Roger or hmmmmmmmmm - next step is to think of cool way to sign out.....
Ciao for now

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am so slack......

I promise, I promise, I promise to write my blog much more often than every two months.
I am so bad, I get caught up in everyday life that writing my blog takes a back seat to all that.
Define everyday life - something about writing my erotic fiction books, hosting book launch parties complete with reading a raunchy extract from my book seated on top of a bar in ultra-high heels and a dress... I guess not your everyday life but its my reality - what a ride.....

Louize X

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Publishing my book and a wee bit of political commentry......

     It's been frantic this week trying to find a printer for my new book "Rules are Made to be Broken".
     But I've found these great people at Zenith Publishing in New Plymouth. They are really helpful, do this sort of stuff all the time and really support the self-publishing industry in NZ. Thanks Ocean (yes his real name).
    Updating my website so you can go and order the book on-line, making sure all the specs are right for the proof copy oh and yeah on a totally unrelated topic but relevant cos it takes time out of my day and detracts from writing Book #2.

     Relates to a signifigant member of a political party legally stealing my money - how can that be possible, you ask?
     Believe me it is!!!  If by putting a company into receivership, then transferring the assets at less than what they are worth, and becoming a Director of the new company is how the very rich become rich enough to give away tonnes of money to charities, is how they do it - then we all need to learn how to do that. But if he gets it first by legal loopholes which steal funds and assets from a company belonging to a solo-mom by using shonky receivers who are nothing but bottom-feeders - that just doesn't seem right.
     I'm going to keep banging on about this cos this guy needs to own up to what he has done. 

     So overnight, incredibly this blog has gone from a "I've written a book and now I'm going to self-publish it and you're going to share that ride with me - to a fascinating legal battle against the establishment."

     But hey it's been a successful week, have written over 10,000 words of Book #2 and planning the marketing of Book #1 is falling into place as expected.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How Utterly Exciting!!!

I just had an email from my webdesign guy to tell me he just brought my book "Rules are Made to be Broken" on Paypal.
What that really means is that he's testing the Paypal part of my website out so I can finally start to sell my book on-line.
It's only going to be available in PDF to start with - the printing company is mucking around a bit, but soon I will have thousands of the things in my hot little hands and then I can take on the world.
Life is so incredible.
I am so excited I could scream.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Book #2 in Progress

Google tells me today is the barcode was invented.
Coincidentally its the day I've just added the barcode to Book #1 - and am now on to the next stage ........publishing.
I've decided to self-publish Book #1 and it will be soon available as an e-book download.
Hopefully in a couple of days.
Cross fingers or should I say Xfingers